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Smart Link

SmartLink is an efficient, secure, and technologically advanced alternative for the management of your unclaimed property database for all outstanding checks, credit balances, and other general ledger property.

Using Smartlink as part of your company's treasury management function allows a company to have a mechanism to reconcile stale dated items to its general ledger as well as to maintain proper control over the claims paying process associated with reissuing stale dated checks.  SmartLink maintains all stale dated items, the transaction history of each item, and all paperwork associated with reissuing checks.

The system can be used by your personnel to reissue checks to reappearing owners, manage the payment of claims with the aid of file imaging and online review, prepare records for escheatment, and retain an archive of escheated items.  All of these functions are accessible from your desktop.

To hear more about SmartLink, contact :

Janet DAgostino
Email: Janet.dagostino@avenuinsights.com